The ‘P’ in FODMAP: Polyols

What are polyols? Polyols are the 'P' in FODMAP. Polyols are a type of carbohydrate also known as sugar alcohols.

2 years ago

The ‘M’ in FODMAP: Monosaccharides

What are monosaccharides? Monosaccharides are the 'M' in FODMAP. Monosaccharides, aka simple sugar, can join together to form other complex…

2 years ago

The ‘D’ in FODMAP: Disaccharides

What are disaccharides? Disaccharides are the 'D' in FODMAP.There are three types of disaccharides: lactose, maltose, and sucrose. Of these,…

2 years ago

The ‘O’ in FODMAP: Oligosaccharides

What exactly are oligosaccharides? Oligosaccharides are the 'O' in FODMAP. And April is IBS Awareness Month.

2 years ago

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