About Erin, Registered Dietitian

Erin is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified LEAP Therapist living in Philadelphia, PA. She graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. Erin holds a certificate in Adult Weight Management and a certificate in Integrative and Functional Nutrition. She has also completed extensive studies in nutrition and gut health.

After working in clinical nutrition, Erin knew she wanted to do more. So she decided to pursue a subject that is very personal to her – digestive health, aka gut health. As someone living with ulcerative colitis (UC) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),  she understands the challenges of digestive issues.

Being a Certified LEAP therapist has allowed Erin is able to provide food sensitivity testing (MRT). The Mediator Release Test (MRT), a patented laboratory test, tests 170 foods and chemicals to discover what’s causing your symptoms. Using these results, along with the LEAP eating plan, individuals with chronic inflammatory conditions quickly reduce symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Erin understands the struggle of trying to follow an elimination diet. Elimination diets can be hard.

She also understands the struggle of trying to meal plan. Meal planning can be hard.

Add in trying to meal plan for that specific elimination diet, it can be downright impossible.

Erin has listened to what people really need to help them through this process. So she has decided to work on making these diets as seamless as they can be – with pre-made and personalized meal plans!

Erin Dishes Nutrition – helping you get to your gut-healthy life one dish at a time!



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