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Easy Hummus on Demand

Make easy hummus with hummustir.


I think by now you know I’m a fan. But what’s this? Hummus on demand? Really?

Hmmm – I was intrigued. Fresh hummus on demand – sounds like a good idea, right? Okay well, let me tell you I was skeptical. Sure I’ve purchased the pre-made stuff before – some much better than others. And I’ve also made my own many times which is usually much better than any pre-made I’ve ever purchased. But this – this cardboard container claiming I could make homemade hummus in mere minutes had me very, very curious.

So yes, I had to take this home with me. I have to say as intrigued as I was I really had my doubts. I wasn’t quite sure what I would find when I opened up the package. I was pleasantly surprised to find a packet of tahini, a packet of chickpea puree and a package of seasoning. Oh and a little wooden spatula to stir all the ingredients together. Pretty much all the basic ingredients of hummus minus the extra steps of soaking chickpeas and making your own puree.  Open all the packages, mix together in the container it came in and viola – hummus!

Okay – wait a minute. I must confess – I added a couple of my own ingredients. I couldn’t help it! It’s like how I can’t follow a recipe to save my life – I have to add my own “tweeks”!  To make it a bit creamier and richer, I added about a tablespoon of olive oil. And in fairness – the package did suggest adding olive oil for that reason. The seasoning packet was a mixture of garlic and cumin but I also added a little smoked paprika to add little more depth of flavor. The whole process took maybe 5 minutes – if that – even with my little additions.

So what did I think? Tasting right from the container, immediately after making it – not bad. And I think if you’re used to pre-made hummus from the refrigerated aisle you’d really enjoy it. Since I’m pretty used to homemade hummus made from dried chickpeas I felt it was missing something. However, after sitting in the fridge overnight I thought it developed a lot more flavor and actually quite enjoyed it.

While I may not be their target audience, I think if you want to have homemade hummus in a jiffy this is a good option. And bonus – you’re still getting the benefit of hummus’ nutritional value. Tahini, a paste made from sesame seeds, contains protein, fiber and the “good” fat. The puree, made from chickpeas, contains protein, iron, B vitamins and fiber. Overall, when you’re talking “dips” this is a leader on the nutrition front whether your making on demand or not.

Oh and P.S. – it makes a great sandwich spread instead of mayo. I particularly like to dress up a mini whole wheat pita. Slather it with hummus and top with shredded chicken, olives and sauteed kale. Let me tell you it makes for a great satisfying snack!

Have you tried Hummustir or a similar product?



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